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Oil Paintings

Oil paintings inspired by moments of Moni Ellee's adventures & wildlife quests. 

Bighorn Sheep

Oil Painting - 2017

These magnificent creatures live among the mountains not far from home. I will often go on "Bighorn Quests" in hopes of being blessed with a sighting of one or maybe a whole band of them.



Oil Painting - 2017

This "Waterfall House" is actually a hydroelectric power plant in Telluride, Colorado. From the front, there is a stunning waterfall that scales all the way down the sheer cliff. What a beautiful sight!

Snowy Mount Olympus

Oil Painting - 2017

This iconic mountain has provided significant artistic inspiration in my life. Regardless of the season, it's always stunning. I love standing back at a distance, observing the contouring shapes & lines. I also love climbing it.


Night Song

Oil Painting - 2017

I have often heard coyotes on past hikes howling to each other from mountain tops until all the dispersed howling joins together as one. It's one of my favorite things to experience in nature.

Earthly Ursa

Oil Painting - 2017

I usually only allow myself to paint wildlife that I have actually seen with my own eyes. However, I had never seen a bear in the wild & (call me crazy) I really wanted to see one for myself. I am always sure to keep a safe distance from wildlife for my own safety & for the sake of the animal's peace. I originally did this painting as a wish to see a bear in the wild. I was finally blessed with a black bear sighting in the Manti-La Sal National Forest in 2018. It was across the river, chowing down on greens. We observed it from a distance & it was lovely.


Observation Point, Zion

Oil Painting - 2021

This was a commission painting done for a lovely family who moved away & dearly missed the warmth of Southern Utah. It was a pleasure incorporating my favorite native wildlife, a Bighorn Sheep.

Mountain Goats

Oil Painting - 2018

I love going on quests to see wildlife. One of my favorite experiences was seeing a group of about 40 mountain goats among the Tushar Mountains, Utah. They were grazing the mountain top with a canyon between us.


Sego Lily & Friend

Oil Painting - 2018

Two things I adore-- Sego Lilies & honey bees!

Manti-La Sal National Forest

Oil Painting - 2018

Some of my favorite hikes are within the Manti-La Sal National Forest near Moab. This is my favorite view of it from a distance!


Cute Bandit

Oil Painting - 2018

Raccoons can be feisty, however, I will always think they're cute. Here's a little guy hiding out in a rose bush.

Ancient Bristlecone Pine

Oil Painting - 2020

This was a commission painting that I was ecstatic to execute. I have wanted to paint an ancient Bristlecone Pine tree since I explored the Bristlecone Pine Grove in Great Basin, Nevada. If you continue your hike from there, you'll end up at the glorious Rock Glacier that is still alive & carving out the canyon underneath a mount of rocks. 


Desert Cottontail, Moab

Oil Painting - 2021

I love all the little desert bunnies!

Elk in Arizona

Oil Painting - 2020

While the lavender sunset hugged the landscape, we admired an elk family as they quietly grazed the field on a peaceful evening. 


Moab, Utah

Oil Painting - 2021

Moab is a magical land of never ending adventure & new sights to see, which makes it so hard to leave. 


Oil Painting - 2018

I used to drive down to Moab about once a month. Searching for Pronghorns out in the vast desert landscape always kept me at the edge of my seat on the drives!


Fairy, The Baby Ground Squirrel

Oil Painting - 2018

I was about 10 inches away from this baby ground squirrel, laying on my belly in the dirt. He was chowing down on sagebrush & my presence didn't seem to phase him by the slightest. I named this little guy Fairy, since we were at the Fairyland Loop in Bryce Canyon, Utah.

Moody Ram

Oil Painting - 2018

This ram looked particularly exquisite with the contrast of light & shadow. 


Indian Paintbrush

Oil Painting - 2020

One of my favorite native wildflowers of Utah, Indian Paintbrush. I am always delighted to spot the bright accents of color scattered throughout the mountains. In this painting, I wanted to bring spotlight to this lovely flower dancing in the wind. 

Delicate Arch 

Rock Easel with 2x2" Oil Painting - 2020

This Rock Easel displays the timeless Delicate Arch in Moab, Utah. This scene features a stormy sky and the snowy Manti-La Sal Mountains far in the background. 


Fisher Towers 

Rock Easel with 2x2" Oil Painting - 2020

What I love most about the desert are the endless opportunities to observe, understand and paint the abstract rock structures that Southern Utah has to offer. I particularly love this interesting angle of the Fisher Towers, which focus on the massive heights and angular shapes of the sandstone cliffs.

The Wave 

Rock Easel with 2x2" Oil Painting - 2020

I thoroughly enjoyed painting the whimsical formation and colors of this iconic Utah sight. I found myself getting lost in a meditation while sorting through all the different layers and lines of this scene!


Mt. Olympus 

Rock Easel with 2x2" Oil Painting - 2020

Mt Olympus stands with such a bold and powerful appearance. I love to admire it from up close and afar every chance I get. No matter the season, it's always a pleasure to paint this mountain.

Bear Lake 

Rock Easel with 2x2" Oil Painting - 2020

A warm moment of sunset colors from the sky bleeding onto the surface of Bear Lake waters. What a spectacular destination, surrounded in the beauty and peace that nature provides. 

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